Hello world!

So….I guess this is where I type all the deep, dark thoughts that are in my head that keep trying to come out.  Well, I hate to break it to everyone/anyone that ever reads this but there’s really nothing that interesting in there to begin with.

Well, it’s the summer and I have it off which makes me feel SUPER excited except for the fact that I know I will have to go back to school in August.  With that, I’m sure you’ll assume that I’m some type of student…Not even close! 🙂 Yeah, that’s right…I’m just a garden variety teacher.

I actually LOVE what I do…not because of the breaks, not because of the gifts and parties,  not because of the fact that it’s “EASY,” ( Do me a favor, if you think this…go to your child’s classroom and stay there all day…just once…then you’ll see. 🙂 As I sit here and think about it…it’s not even because of the kids.

I know right now you’re thinking, WHAT?  How can she be a teacher and say that?? Well, I love the kids but that’s not why I love what I do…I love what I do because the need to want those kids to strive for something better, to WANT them to TRY to be better is what I love and because I want them to know that it’s okay to fail sometimes.  I don’t think enough kids know that you can mess up but then you have to work to be BETTER! It’s either they mess up and no one cares or they mess up and so much pressure is put on them by others whether it be a parent, a school, a teacher or themselves.

I guess that’s a little bit of the rambling that’s in my head about what I do…Now, maybe a little about where I’m from… Well, one of the first things I remember being told was that I was born in a barn.  I believed this enough to tell my kindergarten teacher this and if this tells you anything about where I grew up…She believed me.  🙂  You can imagine how surprised I was when I found out that I wasn’t actually born in a barn but I did have a knack for leaving the door open all the time and my granny used to tell me that all the time.

I was born in Cleveland, Oh. but only lived there for a year or two.  By the time I was walking, we had moved to a little place in Eastern Keen-tuc-Kee!  🙂  I grew up there and spent the years following my graduation from high school there, including my wonderful time spent in college at Morehead State University.  Ahhhhh, college! 🙂  ‘Nough said! Well, for now. 🙂

After college, was a really hard time for me.  I struggled to find a job in the field I knew I was destined to wind up in.  So, I needed to survive and I did what any other person who needs money would do….”MOM….DAD!!!!”  That and I got a job at the local Dairy Queen.  I also subbed at local elementary schools as much as I could.  Then someone who should not have been out on the road due to an inability to drive, decided to run over the top of my car and injure my brother and myself.  I stayed at my house, I didn’t want to leave and get in a car…NO THANK YOU!

I decided the world was going to start passing me by and that was something I could not handle.  I received a phone call from a friend in Fayetteville, NC about a teaching position that had just opened up and that’s the brief version of how I found this place.  Well, I guess more may come later but I’m feeling as if I’m done for now. 🙂 Dueces!


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